Who is Chiron? And why is he returning?

In Greek mythology, Chiron is a Centaur: half man, half horse. While most Centaurs were considered menacing, Chiron was “famous for his wisdom and knowledge of medicine.” 

My sense of Chiron is that his medicine/healing is not like that of the Bodhisattva Quan Yin or the Archangel Raphael or other healing wisdom beings. My sense is that Chiron’s medicine stems from: Your greatest struggle offers your greatest medicine. 

Chiron won’t heal your suffering. He will, however, show you where it is and walk you down the path to your own realization. Kind of like with Saturn, the great teacher, you have to do the work. And how well you do that work sets the stage for the second half of your life.

That’s the kicker. You’ll either mask your struggle with stuff or you’ll acknowledge it. I binged more hours of Netflix during the start of my Chiron Return than ever! Masking? Sure. I also considered part of me surrendering and allowing myself to not constantly be working on my healing. Besides, I do believe Bridgerton holds a little mid-life medicine of its own 😉 .

Britannica has this to say about Centaurs:

In later Greek times they were often represented drawing the chariot of the wine god Dionysus or bound and ridden by Eros, the god of love, in allusion to their drunken and amorous habits. Their general character was that of wild, lawless, and inhospitable beings, the slaves of their animal passions. (The Centaur Chiron was not typical in this respect.)

If you find yourself sidled up next to this wine god, get out of that chariot! The wrong Centaur is leading you. Enjoy your glass or two of grape nectar but don’t drink this time away. It has powerful medicine contained within its journey. Go through it awake. It might be messy but it’s worth it to pay attention during this time.

In Greek Mythology, it was Chiron who taught humanity the constellations. That’s huge. Chiron is our celestial teacher. It only makes sense that he guides us through this midlife examination. We get to excavate the first half of our life and complete any unfinished lessons or healing. What a gift!

We then spend our time at the altar in the centre of the labyrinth of life before making our way to the exit. By the way, in a labyrinth, as opposed to a maze, the way in is also the way out.

Some astrologers consider Chiron a celestial enigma. This portrays a sense of the mystical. Mystics were born of suffering. Their lives were not easy. It was only through the lessons of the challenges they faced that they obtained certain supernatural abilities: gifts. 

Chiron does indeed appear to be the perfect guide for mid-life.

Just make sure he stays off the sauce.

Much love,


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29 thoughts on “Who is Chiron? And why is he returning?

    1. Interesting question! From what I understand, Chiron is the Wounded Healer, and when he was allowed to finally die, he was honoured and placed among the stars as Sagittarius, the Learned Healer. There’s a maturity that comes with Sagittarius. Imagine then, what that means for a Sagittarius going through their Chiron return! 🙂 They’ll be annoyed and in denial…”Didn’t I already do this work?!” If you have thoughts on this, please share! And thanks for stopping by.

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