What age is mid-life crisis?

Is there an internal alarm clock that is programmed to go off at a certain time in life?

Most sources online will cite mid-life crisis as occurring between the ages of 40 and 60. It’s different for each person.

And, like menopause, some folks will cruise through this time of their life, while others may stumble or struggle.

According to Wikipedia:

midlife crisis is a transition of identity and self-confidence that can occur in middle-aged individuals, typically 45 to 65 years old. The phenomenon is described as a psychological crisis brought about by events that highlight a person’s growing age, inevitable mortality, and possibly lack of accomplishments in life. This may produce feelings of intense depression, remorse, and high levels of anxiety, or the desire to achieve youthfulness or make drastic changes to their current lifestyle or feel the wish to change past decisions and events.

Well, that gives a rather bleak description, doesn’t it? I guess we wouldn’t call it crisis if it went swimmingly.

While Wiki mentions the psychological aspects, there are physiological aspects (as mentioned in my previous post). Do not discount the effects that declining hormones can have on the body and mind.

In other words: It’s not all in your head.

Photo by Engin Akyurt on Pexels.com

It’s also not your fault.

Perhaps Chiron is the key to understanding what this period will look like for you, or what area of your life is up for review, reflection, acceptance and healing.

This morning, while running my morning meditation still tucked under the covers of my bed, it suddenly struck me that it’s called Chiron Return, as in comes back. Chiron comes back to the place this minor planet was at your time of birth. Think about that.

This suggests the conditions of your life (at least in this area) were already present at your birth.

We know that lifestyle, environment, parenting, community, access to health care and education etc. directly shape our upbringing. But perhaps there is something else at play: our nature.

Maybe certain conditions are inherent at birth. Conditions that Chiron (the wounded healer) can shed some light on.

We can stop blaming ourselves, or anyone else for that matter, for where we are. We can look to our Chiron Return, see what area he arrived in at our time of birth, and understand where we can focus our energy at this time.

It takes Chiron about 49 years to get through all of the signs of the zodiac. So, you can expect a visit near your 50th birthday.

Hopefully, he brings cake.

Much love,


Want to know where Chiron falls in your birth chart and what that might mean for your mid-life journey? Book a session here.

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