Healing 5th chakra: it’s a matter of respect

I woke this morning contemplating 5th chakra. The first word that came to mind was TRUST. Of course, that made sense. Trust is a major issue of fifth chakra. Trusting the world, trusting your choices and words, trusting life... all reside here. I also feel an element of trust in sacral chakra. In that chakra, … Continue reading Healing 5th chakra: it’s a matter of respect

Snoring and menopause: 3 ways to get a better night’s sleep

Snoring and menopause. It's a thing. I rarely ever snored. I always bragged to my husband about how open my nasal passages were, especially during sleep. Until I noticed a few years ago that more and more nights I woke due to my own snoring. After much Googling, I discovered that menopause and snoring are … Continue reading Snoring and menopause: 3 ways to get a better night’s sleep

Mother Earth is calling

In three separate incidences within the span of several days, two women and one teenage girl were bitten by coyotes in NW Calgary. When my friend told me of the first biting in our neighbourhood, I was shocked. Coyotes don't behave that way. The city said they felt the coyote may have been displaced by … Continue reading Mother Earth is calling

Energy sandwich

I don't often write energy forecasts, but I'm compelled to write this one. Two days ago, my nephew fell and broke his wrist in two places. It happens. And it's interesting how often those things happen at the start of summer holidays. There's more. An hour ago, on my way home, I passed a serious … Continue reading Energy sandwich

Time to push

When my son was born, the cord was wrapped around his neck. Each time I pushed, his heart rate slowed and nearly stopped. When I rested, his heart rate returned to normal, well, as normal as the heart of a newborn about to emerge into the world can beat. My sense was to stop, let … Continue reading Time to push

A Valentine’s Visit to Remember

One year ago, I sat in meditation on my front step as I’d done nearly every morning for over 10 years. Except that morning my meditation was different. I had a visitor. My grandfather arrived on the cold February air. “Go see your grandmother,” he said. “Take her some flowers.” Grandpa died when I was … Continue reading A Valentine’s Visit to Remember

A book has a mind of its own

I always think I know where my book is going. While writing An Accidental Awakening, I even tried to plan its route, particularly the ending. That doesn't work when your book has a mind of its own. I'm writing the 3rd in the Awakening series. Most of it has been written for over a year. … Continue reading A book has a mind of its own

Happy holidays!

Rocky Mountain hike wind whips snow ‘cross lake and trail Karma Dakini Diamond dust-filled air flakes of frost in morning rays Lakshmi resides here. May you immerse yourself in the beauty of the season: whether in a mountain range or a single tree, a frozen lake or a snowflake, a vast sky or a grain … Continue reading Happy holidays!

On Hope: Thursday morning musings

Buddha became enlightened and so will I. This is the level of conviction we are instructed to practice from. This level involves more than hope. I'm reading Pema Chodron's book, When Things Fall Apart. In her book, she writes about hopelessness: that it is necessary to stop hoping and start being with whatever is. "The … Continue reading On Hope: Thursday morning musings

Clinging to things: memory lane decluttering #3

This is an interesting one for me. I've pulled these out many times. "I'll wear them this summer," I'd say. "No," would come the voice in my head, " they're too precious to wear. What if they break?" "Let's donate them then." "We couldn't let go of those!" I wore these at my wedding 17 … Continue reading Clinging to things: memory lane decluttering #3