What does Chiron Return in Cancer mean?

There are 12 signs in astrology. We can learn about our influences at birth by looking at which sign Chiron was in.

Each sign defines an area of your life.

Since we’ve learned a bit about Chiron and what he represents (The Wounded Healer), we can look at which sign he arrived in at your birth and get a good understanding of the area of your life that may contain your core wound.

This is the area that will come up for review at mid-life and your Chiron Return.

What have you done during the first half of your life to acknowledge and address this area of wounding?

What continues to be a block, issue or area of aggravation? What’s up for review?

It’s nothing personal, just Chiron pointing out where healing is still to be done.

Chiron in Cancer.

Welcome to the comfort zone.

This self-soothing sign likes a warm security blankie.

Perhaps because those with Chiron in Cancer may at times have felt unlovable, insecure or abandoned.

Midlife may find you in need of taking better care of yourself. You can do it. Give yourself permission.

Leave guilt at the door.

If putting your needs first seems preposterous, ask yourself why that seems so. Rather than stuffing guilt in a quiet corner of your mind or body, cradle it like a small child. Nurture it and be gentle with this part of you that feels unloved or insecure.

Then make a plan for regular self-care. And by regular, I don’t mean what everyone else is doing. I mean continual, committed care that addresses what YOU need.

In this sign, you may also find yourself reconciling a relationship with a maternal figure or diving even deeper into healing your inner child.

You’re good with feelings. If you find yourself super sensitive to the energy and emotions of others, perhaps it’s time to give yourself some space or work on setting healthy boundaries.

Now, go book a massage! Or at least put on some relaxing music and make yourself a cup of tea. Better yet, ask someone to do that for you…

So you can remain in your blankie.

Much love,


Want to know where Chiron falls in your birth chart and what that might mean for your mid-life journey? Book a live session here. We’ll go over the themes of the house and sign involved in your Chiron Return and strategies for supporting you during this time. Chiron holds the key to healing the first half of your life and opening the door to a healthier second half.

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