What does Chiron in the fifth house mean?

There are 12 houses in astrology. We can learn about our influences at birth by looking at which house Chiron was in.

Each house defines an area of your life.

Since we’ve learned a bit about Chiron and what he represents (The Wounded Healer), we can look at which house he arrived in at your birth and get a good understanding of the area of your life that may contain your core wound.

This is the area that will come up for review at mid-life and your Chiron Return.

What have you done during the first half of your life to acknowledge and address this area of wounding?

What continues to be a block, issue or area of aggravation? What’s up for review?

It’s nothing personal, just Chiron pointing out where healing is still to be done.

Chiron in the fifth house.

This is the house of creativity and self-expression. This is the house of pleasure.

Do you remember playing as a child? What games did you play? Were you given the freedom to create? How did you express yourself?

Was self-expression not allowed or did you stifle your creativity?

What is your deepest wounding here? Perhaps journaling about your childhood experiences as they relate to expression, creativity and joy can help you unearth the issues.

And now, at mid-life, you get to create anew.

You get to express yourself however you feel aligned.

What feels good to you? What brings you pleasure?

Maybe a dance class is in order, or art or design. Cooking with abandon or finger painting with your grandchildren.

You may investigate various forms of creativity as a new career, or you may simply allow creativity to move through you each day, reminding you what it’s like to get lost in art and play.

Do you turn all your hobbies into business opportunities? Perhaps it’s time to claim or reclaim hobbies just for the sake of enjoyment.

Game night with the neighbours? Or maybe a snowball fight with the kids.

The magic of Chiron Return is that when you share your authentic creativity and self-expression, it can help heal others with the same wounding.

Romance lives here.

If your creativity and self-expression are in good shape, maybe take a look at the romance department. Does it need some dusting off? Is it time to rekindle that spark, organize some date nights, or fan a new flame?

Ask yourself: How can I create and express happiness in my life?

And if nothing comes, maybe ask Chiron. I hear centaurs enjoy a good song and dance.

Much love,


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