Ant medicine

If you've ever read Martha Beck, she often writes about lame animal totems. Her insights into these animals, mollusks, or lame totem du jour crack me up. Though these writings are more for satire, our greatest lessens are often reflected through nature. This morning was no different. No matter what the beetle did, it couldn't … Continue reading Ant medicine

Childhood fears and Spider’s wisdom

My son sits next to me in the car. I am driving him to another day of summer camp: welding camp. My daughter is in the backseat. I turn up the radio. The two on-air personalities are asking listeners, What was the scariest movie from your childhood? "Friday the 13th," I say. My son laughs. … Continue reading Childhood fears and Spider’s wisdom

Keeping our collective cool

When we practice, when we meditate or chant or breathe, we do so most often for ourselves: our own comfort. But we forget our individual impact on the collective. One frantic person can ignite those around her. Likewise, one calm person can ease a community. As the heat of summer intensifies, I find myself sharing … Continue reading Keeping our collective cool

Who me?

Your bio tells the world about you. Whether you're making a statement as an artist or writer, or you're a health & wellness coach or practitioner attracting clients, your bio is often one of the first places others look for connection, expertise and trust. Yet... it is often the most troublesome and gut-wrenching piece of … Continue reading Who me?

A new addition to the family

It's time to welcome Anna to the family. She might be my first book, but she is definitely not my last. In fact, there are 4 Anna adventures already underway. And Anna has a mission... Read a book. Plant a tree! Celebrate this Earth Day with a good book. While Anna works to restore nature … Continue reading A new addition to the family

You’re only as good as your last practice

Many years ago, I worked in Oil & Gas. We worked on quarterly sales projections and targets.There was a saying: You're only as good as your last quarter. What that meant was that even if just last year you had the most spectacularly lucrative quarter in the history of the company (you remember that feeling … Continue reading You’re only as good as your last practice

3-Day Reset

Creative projects are on the rise – spilling out around the house – and I notice the trips to the pantry to sneak a handful of dark chocolate chips has steadily increased while yoga has decreased as my source of fuel.   Rather than plow through and set myself up for a full detox, or set … Continue reading 3-Day Reset

Scrap New Year’s Resolutions: Opt for a 40-Day Practice Instead.

Create your new year. One strand at a time. This new year, dream your dreams, make your plans, then commit to a 40-day (or more) practice.The 40-day practice is an enduring spiritual tradition aimed towards creating powerful change.   Yoga and meditation practitioners have used this method of practice to bring about transformation, focus and … Continue reading Scrap New Year’s Resolutions: Opt for a 40-Day Practice Instead.