What does Chiron in the eleventh house mean?

There are 12 houses in astrology. We can learn about our influences at birth by looking at which house Chiron was in.

Each house defines an area of your life.

Since we’ve learned a bit about Chiron and what he represents (The Wounded Healer), we can look at which house he arrived in at your birth and get a good understanding of the area of your life that may contain your core wound.

This is the area that will come up for review at mid-life and your Chiron Return.

What have you done during the first half of your life to acknowledge and address this area of wounding?

What continues to be a block, issue or area of aggravation? What’s up for review?

It’s nothing personal, just Chiron pointing out where healing is still to be done.

Chiron in the eleventh house.

Groups, friendships, companions all live together under the eleventh house roof.

You, my friend, are not alone.

The world is cheering you on.

My dearest friend attended her daughter’s middle school Remembrance Day assembly. Apparently, the trumpet player had difficulty with the instrument when it came time to play The Last Post. My friend expected snickering to erupt from the student body seated in front of the band. Instead, not a peep.

Why? Because contrary to what your childhood experience may have been or what happens in some circles, the world has your back!

What if you went about your day with the attitude that others want you to succeed as much as you do?

What if, instead of feeling resentment or jealousy or why not me, when you see someone succeed, you celebrated their success as if it was yours too? If you practice that enough, someone else’s success becomes your success. You wear that energy. And guess what? It looks good on you!

We are all connected, so why not celebrate the wins of those around you?

Leaps and bounds.

This is the house where leaps can be made in technology, digital fronts and evolution. Remember, we go further together.

Maybe it’s time to connect with a cause, forwarding a collective vision of the future, providing humanitarian efforts or social change.

Has volunteering been on your mind? If you feel at a loss for how you can connect or contribute, find a volunteer position that means something to you. You’ll meet people, help people and feel part of a team. If you’re feeling lonely at this midlife point, consider committing to a few hours of service each week.

If you feel as though you don’t fit in, maybe write about your experience and share it with others who struggle to live by conventional norms. Develop an app! Provide a light in the dark and connect with kindred spirits.

Can you live in today’s world and still find freedom in your life? Regardless of the task at hand, there is freedom available in every in-breath and out-breath.

Sit in a room of ten, fifty or one hundred people practicing mindfulness meditation and you will feel the freedom and power of connection.

If you prefer to be at home than in a group, consider using the technology of this house and join a community like 1Million Meditators. Free your mind and feel what’s possible for you.

In the eleventh house, you can find the freedom you’re searching for.

Like Glinda the Good Witch told Dorothy, “You’ve had the power all along, my dear.”

Now, go, find your herd. Is that what a group of centaurs is called? I’m pretty sure that’s it. If only we had some sort of technology for finding these things out at the stroke of a key. Oh wait…

Much love,


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