Stephanie Hrehirchuk

Over the past 4 years, I’ve written and published 19 books across multiple genres including the multi award-winning memoir An Accidental Awakening: It’s not about yoga; It’s about family. I’ve spent the past 25 years learning about women’s health and wellness. What started out in the weight room pushing the boundaries of my physical body, led to my yoga mat and contemplating the boundaries of my beliefs and mind, then into nature and dreams to experience my subtle body.


Known to raid my grandparents’ garden as a child, I have a life-long love of local food and vibrant nutrition. I have over 15 years of experience in personal training, nutrition, and wellness, with an additional 10 years in yoga, meditation and complementary therapies.

Although a full participant in spiritual pursuits now, I was dragged kicking and screaming into the world of Spirit by a spinal injury. After 33 days bed-ridden, all I wanted was to get back into the gym.

A year in yoga, reiki and shamanic practices changed my life. I left personal training for pursuits in complementary alternative medicine and began writing again.

I moved from working with clients in the weight room to facilitating workshops, retreats, seasonal detox programs and meditation groups. My training includes Tibetan Breathing and Movement Yoga, raw nutrition, spinal reflexology, facial diagnosis, Level 4 Spring Forest Qigong, reiki master level, ayurveda, plant medicine and sustainability.

I believe that though we’re all connected, we each have a path to walk, a unique constitution and contribution to the world.

I have been fortunate to sit with many great teachers, including Lama Tsultrim Allione, Master Chunyi Lin and Dr. Vasant Lad.

Specializing in women’s issues and content creation, I blog and speak about nutrition, health, yoga, meditation, the chakra system, the world of self-directed publishing, motherhood and spiritual pursuits. I was a regular contributor at Gaiam, with articles published at Sivana Spirit, Finer Minds, Guided Synergy Magazine, and Trifecta Magazine. I also have a beloved poem included in the short story dispenser located at the stunning new Calgary Central Library.

I am currently working with clients transitioning through peri/menopause and all the changes mid-life brings, helping writers get their self-help books written and published, and procrastinating on completing a screenplay… all while contemplating the universe and cultivating gratitude every day.

There is never a shortage of tea or dark chocolate.

May my stories find you and may they leave you better than they found you.

When we believe that happiness should take a particular form, we fail to see the opportunities for joy that are right in front of us.