Nourish: Ayurveda-inspired 21-day Detox

A seasonal plan for self-care.  Click image for Kindle book.

A regular detox program is like hitting the reset button for the body. Detox is designed to lighten the load on the organs and lessen inflammation before it contributes to chronic disease.

An Ayurveda-inspired detox program, however, is like hitting the reset button for the body, mind and spirit. This program is designed to lighten the load on the body as well as the emotions and mind. It is intended to assist you in creating a nourishing daily self-care ritual.

Anna and the Tree Fort

The second book in the Anna series is ready to launch June10th, 2017! 

“It doesn’t look safe, Jeremy,” replied Anna. “For you or the coulee.”
Anna loves her peaceful walks to school through the coulee. But one day she stumbles upon a kid-constructed tree fort that threatens to harm more than the trees. Anna has to act fast in order to protect her coulee and help her friends.

Stop by Owl’s Nest Books between 11am and 2pm on June 10th, and pick up your signed copy. Every print copy sold plants a tree in Alberta.

Anna and the Earth Angel  

 The Most Creative Print Ads of the Year-4Sustainability inside and out. While Anna works to restore nature in her story, every print copy of the book sold plants a tree in Alberta.

Anna and the Earth Angel is a bridge between children’s picture books and chapter books, which young readers can sometimes find intimidating. Her story is intended for 6-9 year-olds, or to be read to younger children by an adult.

Stop by Owl’s Nest Books in Calgary to pick up your copy.

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Alberta Skies: Through Paint, Print, Poetry & Prose

The collective product of an 8-week course, exploring Alberta skies through watercolour, acrylic, pastel, mono print, stamp print and calligraphy, combined with poetry and prose. Facilitated and edited by Vivian Hansen and Irene Naested.

$10 per paperback copy

By online or instore from Shelf Life Books, or from Stephanie.

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