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I love to read a great children’s story. And I love nature. I’ve brought them together in Anna and the Earth Angel. Every print copy sold plants a tree in Alberta. Not only are you sharing Anna’s first adventure but you are also helping to grow a forest.

Anna and the Earth Angel is a bridge between children’s picture books and chapter books, which young readers can sometimes find intimidating. Her story is intended for 6-9 year-olds or to be read to younger children by an adult.

Joy Bickell’s beautiful illustrations are just enough to encourage young readers along the adventure and still leave space for their imaginations to conjure their own images.

I hope Anna and the Earth Angel will inspire a love of nature and story, and give early readers the confidence they need to continue with even bigger adventures in reading.

Thank you for bringing Anna and her forest to life!

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Pria and Alexander laughed at Anna. The whole class laughed at Anna. “You’ll see,” said Anna, “She’s real. And real big too.”

Anna’s family moves to a new neighbourhood. Anna doesn’t have any friends in this new place and dreads the long days of summer ahead. Anna discovers a pond in her neighbourhood and heads out to explore. She finds harebells and brown-eyed susans, honking geese and a scolding blackbird.

Anna finds a special place in nature and claims it as her own, coming often to sketch flowers and watch the butterflies. But when Anna returns one day to find her special place destroyed, she discovers an earth angel and the determination to restore her special place and the earth angel’s home.

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Anna is a champion of nature! She is a strong character with a big heart and an even bigger new friend. She inspires curiosity, exploration, a love of nature, tenacity and the power of community. She finds magic in everyday adventures, and sees the extraordinary in the ordinary.

While Anna works to restore her special place in nature in the story, Anna’s books will restore nature in real life. A tree is planted for every print copy of the book sold.

Anna and the Earth Angel receives 5 stars from Readers’ Favourite:

“It is a beautiful story of a little girl finding joy in nature and discovering herself. The black and white illustrations are magical and they make the story come alive to readers. The theme of the beauty of nature and finding happiness in it has been handled well by the author. Readers will enjoy Anna’s tryst with nature and the story will encourage them to become more observant of their beautiful surroundings. It is a good book to use for read aloud sessions in classrooms as it makes students aware of the beauty of nature and will encourage them to preserve it. The concept of an earth angel makes the story whimsical and it is interesting to see how Anna and the earth angel weave magic into the lives of everyone living in that area.”

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Enjoy the second book in the series:

Anna and the Tree Fort. 

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