What is a mid-life crisis?

I am fascinated by something that appears to affect so many. What is a mid-life crisis? A grey-haired man drives by in a red convertible sports car and the standard comment is "Mid-life crisis." From dis-ease to divorce to company reorganization... a lot can happen at mid-life. Kids move out, parents move on, interests change, … Continue reading What is a mid-life crisis?

Energy sandwich

I don't often write energy forecasts, but I'm compelled to write this one. Two days ago, my nephew fell and broke his wrist in two places. It happens. And it's interesting how often those things happen at the start of summer holidays. There's more. An hour ago, on my way home, I passed a serious … Continue reading Energy sandwich

The best place for your efforts

I was late to wake this morning, so the neighbourhood was up by the time I reached my front step for meditation. I like the early mornings, not just because the mind is more amenable to practice, but because the air is so fresh, particularly now with the spring rains and the fresh green growth. … Continue reading The best place for your efforts