What does Chiron in the twelfth house mean?

There are 12 houses in astrology. We can learn about our influences at birth by looking at which house Chiron was in.

Each house defines an area of your life.

Since we’ve learned a bit about Chiron and what he represents (The Wounded Healer), we can look at which house he arrived in at your birth and get a good understanding of the area of your life that may contain your core wound.

This is the area that will come up for review at mid-life and your Chiron Return.

What have you done during the first half of your life to acknowledge and address this area of wounding?

What continues to be a block, issue or area of aggravation? What’s up for review?

It’s nothing personal, just Chiron pointing out where healing is still to be done.

Chiron in the twelfth house.

Welcome to the house of the unseen, unconscious and invisible.

When you look at the life-cycle, there is decay before new life. Things break down in order to nourish the new.

This is what the twelfth house reminds me of. It could seem ominous, covering themes of loss, shadow and hidden enemies. However, it provides an opportunity to reveal what’s hidden or sense what’s invisible.

This is the final of the twelve houses of the zodiac. If the first house is the house of self and new beginnings, then this is the house of the cosmos and endings.

Do you feel lost or have you experienced loss? How does this loss allow you to tap into a deeper subconscious power? Perhaps your dreams are vivid or you have a newfound desire to know yourself deeply, beyond your day to day life.

Where might there be excess waste in your life?

This house at midlife could find you spending on a large expense like a wedding or tuition for a child.

You may find a marriage ending here or your attachment to “stuff” dissolving. Spiritual liberation just may be the unseen power you crave.

Those who do not have your best interests at heart may reveal themselves during this time.

Could a silent retreat nourish your soul?

If you’ve spent your life hiding your core wound or keeping secrets, perhaps it’s time to come clean.

You might not even know what’s true for you anymore. Chiron Return gifts you the time, the place, the space and the grace to uncover it.

Maybe you’ve never given much credence to spirituality or reconciled your relationship with religion. Now’s the time.

What does the great unknown hold for you? Pay attention to your dreams. Take up a meditation practice. Find solitude in nature. The hidden will not remain so for long if you do your wok in this house.

Connect with Chiron. Ask him to show you the galaxy. Or at least tell him to remove the pea under your mattress that has been messing with your sleep.

Much love,


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