Read a story. Plant a tree!

“It doesn’t look safe, Jeremy,” said Anna. “For you or the coulee.”

Anna loves her peaceful walks to school through the coulee. But one day Anna stumbles across a kid-constructed tree fort that threatens to harm more than the trees. Anna has to act fast in order to save her coulee and help her friends.

Anna and the Tree Fort is the second book in the Anna series of nature adventures.

Tree fort snapshot

Every print copy sold of the Anna series of books plants a tree!

Thank you for helping Anna grow a forest.

Anna and the Tree Fort is available for sale from the author and:

Indigo/Chapters Crowfoot and Dalhousie in Calgary

Online at      Barnes and Noble

Anna and the Tree Fort receives 5 stars from Readers’ Favourite:

“This story has the perfect message for the current generation and the presence of the angel of the forest gives it a magical vibe. The black and white sketches are beautiful and they make the concept and the scenes vivid. It is an excellent bedtime storybook to read out to children, and teachers and educators can use the book for read aloud sessions in classrooms to make them understand the importance of preserving nature and wildlife. Stories like this are good for children to read as it develops a sense of responsibility in them to preserve the trees around them instead of destroying them. I like the portrayal of Anna’s character. Her love for nature and animals is relatable and tangible, and she reaches out to young readers in a good way.”