What does Chiron Return in Scorpio mean?

There are 12 signs in astrology. We can learn about our influences at birth by looking at which sign Chiron was in.

Each sign defines an area of your life.

Since we’ve learned a bit about Chiron and what he represents (The Wounded Healer), we can look at which sign he arrived in at your birth and get a good understanding of the area of your life that may contain your core wound.

This is the area that will come up for review at mid-life and your Chiron Return.

What have you done during the first half of your life to acknowledge and address this area of wounding?

What continues to be a block, issue or area of aggravation? What’s up for review?

It’s nothing personal, just Chiron pointing out where healing is still to be done.

Chiron in Scorpio.

I am intimately familiar with this shadowy sign.

Here goes Persephone back into the underworld. She almost likes it there…well, not so much likes it as understands it.

The unseen world, the often unliked qualities, the dark corners…are actually the soft underbelly, and exploring these areas gives Scorpio a familiarity with them and a deeper understanding of things that often make others uncomfortable.

With that said, what are you feeling uncomfortable about at midlife?

The biggest issue Persephone had was that of being controlled. Her fate was in the hands of Hades.

Do you feel like you’re being controlled by others, unseen forces or life events?

Or, perhaps you feel controlled by your deep emotions. Don’t fear the depths that Scorpio can dive. Join a workshop, class or mentorship in navigating emotions or even using them as compost for creative pursuits. Persephone became the queen of the underworld.

In other words…write about the pain, sculpt it, dance it, express it.

Transform it.

Maybe that pain, suffering or suppression you’ve experienced is a gateway to opening your healing or psychic abilities.

You could suddenly find yourself exploring astrology, tantric yoga or being a death doula.

The pursuit of truth is your task at this midlife stage: whether through science, sex or spirituality (or all three).

Turn on that bullshit detector of yours. It’s time to clean house of any untruths and people in your circle who may be spewing them.

Oh, and don’t forget to call yourself on your own bullshit. If you hear your words heading in a direction that no longer rings true, repeat the words that I often say to myself: Just stop talking, Stephanie (except use your own name, otherwise it’s weird).

Much love,


Want to know where Chiron falls in your birth chart and what that might mean for your mid-life journey? Book a live session here. We’ll go over the themes of the house and sign involved in your Chiron Return and strategies for supporting you during this time. Chiron holds the key to healing the first half of your life and opening the door to a healthier second half.

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