The “Rare” Autoimmune Disease Every Menopausal Woman Should Know About

“There’s no way every woman in menopause feels this pain.” I tried to get my point across to my doctor without becoming a difficult patient.

Is lichen sclerosus caused by fungus?

There is currently no direct research to support this connection. However, I've spent the day pulling on a long and interesting thread that has fungus all over it. I talk about oxalates in my book on LS, since some people report relief from a low oxalate diet. I briefly mention Aspergillus. It came up during … Continue reading Is lichen sclerosus caused by fungus?

Newest book on lichen sclerosus

It's arrived! The newest book on LS is available worldwide on Amazon and soon to be available on all other online booksellers. I never expected to receive a diagnosis of LS (no one does), and I certainly didn't expect to spend 8 months immersed in writing about it. This easy to read book covers everything … Continue reading Newest book on lichen sclerosus

Lichen sclerosus: forget remission… focus on well-being

I have a confession to make. I saw my pelvic floor therapist earlier this week. She told me my tissues have improved in elasticity and look fantastic.

The top 10 topical treatments for lichen sclerosus

These products run the gamut in price. The vulva-care world is your oyster. You don't have to spend a fortune though to find an effective topical for you.

Lichen sclerosus and gratitude

It is crucial to our health that we find and devote time to practices that improve our mental wellbeing and empower us to participate in our healing every day. Gratitude is one such practice.

Lichen sclerosus and the chakras (part 2)

This post covers the energy centre that isn't as anatomically-related as root chakra, however, many of the emotional aspects LS brings up can be found in this chakra.

Lichen sclerosus and the chakras (part 1)

Having written a book on chakras, I’d be remiss if I didn’t address the energy elephant in the room: the chakras involved in LS.

How to heal lichen sclerosus naturally

Many women with LS have a full daily care routine. I have a more minimal daily routine and include a longer session once or twice a week.