Newest book on lichen sclerosus

It’s arrived! The newest book on LS is available worldwide on Amazon and soon to be available on all other online booksellers.

I never expected to receive a diagnosis of LS (no one does), and I certainly didn’t expect to spend 8 months immersed in writing about it.

This easy to read book covers everything I discovered during my journey after diagnosis, including:

  • causes to signs and symptoms
  • topicals to pelvic floor therapy
  • nutrition to meditation
  • writing therapy to gratitude practice
  • even practices for kids with LS

While we often hear that lichen sclerosus is a “rare” condition, the book has quickly become #1 on Amazon in the Immune Systems category. May this book continue to open the conversation around LS, and provide a source of relief and resources for those with this condition.

“I enjoyed the book very much. It was relatable and engaging. You were speaking my language!”


Whether you have LS, know family members or friends who do, or are interested in knowing more about vulvovaginal health and menopause, I hope this book is of benefit to you.

Thank you for being here with me.

Much love,


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