How TBIs affect your life is TBD

I remember sitting in the waiting room of the small clinic that provided biofeedback and psychology services for those with traumatic brain injury. They'd worked with Olympic athletes. I plucked one of the many pamphlets from the small table next to my chair. It read: "After brain injury, 90% of marriages end in divorce." Well, … Continue reading How TBIs affect your life is TBD

Join the revolution

"Choosing to slow down and not accomplish anything is a revolution in itself."Hai An (Sister Ocean),“The Joy of Letting Go: Spring Cleaning Inside and Out” Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on I declare today Wu Wei Saturday. Do nothing and accomplish everything. I expect your best efforts, people 😉

Room to Breathe

On this day, the Bell Let's Talk day for mental health, I encourage you to do 2 things: 1. Nourish yourself Even if that means all you can do today is take a bath or a shower and get dressed. Do that. And know that it is enough. I never expected to spend a good … Continue reading Room to Breathe