How TBIs affect your life is TBD

I remember sitting in the waiting room of the small clinic that provided biofeedback and psychology services for those with traumatic brain injury. They'd worked with Olympic athletes. I plucked one of the many pamphlets from the small table next to my chair. It read: "After brain injury, 90% of marriages end in divorce." Well, … Continue reading How TBIs affect your life is TBD

Finding my Process

Over the course of a day or a week or a month or even a year—a lifetime?— we hear messages connecting dots. I like to gather up a few that appear to be the same colour or texture. These past few weeks have brought some new dots and returned some old ones. Themes of responsibility … Continue reading Finding my Process

The wisdom of clouds

I took my mat outside for pilates on the deck. Summer sky. Lilacs on the breeze. Baby magpies and northern flickers in the yard. On my back in savasana (my post-pilates preferred cool down), I stared at the blue sky. In Buddhism, the mind is like the sky. Vast and clear. Clouds are thoughts that … Continue reading The wisdom of clouds

Mother Earth is calling

In three separate incidences within the span of several days, two women and one teenage girl were bitten by coyotes in NW Calgary. When my friend told me of the first biting in our neighbourhood, I was shocked. Coyotes don't behave that way. The city said they felt the coyote may have been displaced by … Continue reading Mother Earth is calling