No backsies: memory lane decluttering item #2

I toyed with the idea of letting go of 50% of my stuff. There is something freeing about continuing to move things along with gratitude. I feel lighter and my heart is happy honouring each item with a simple thank you. As my new linen closet filled up this week, I added old towels to … Continue reading No backsies: memory lane decluttering item #2

Room to Breathe

On this day, the Bell Let's Talk day for mental health, I encourage you to do 2 things: 1. Nourish yourself Even if that means all you can do today is take a bath or a shower and get dressed. Do that. And know that it is enough. I never expected to spend a good … Continue reading Room to Breathe

Too much

We are overly concerned with quantity. How much we own. How much we get to say. How many friends. How much we earn. How much we create. How much we contribute. How much we are recognized. Collecting teachings and practices, crystals and clothing, furnishings and Facebook friends.   But how is the quality? The quality … Continue reading Too much