Energy sandwich

I don’t often write energy forecasts, but I’m compelled to write this one.

Two days ago, my nephew fell and broke his wrist in two places. It happens. And it’s interesting how often those things happen at the start of summer holidays.

There’s more.

An hour ago, on my way home, I passed a serious vehicle accident near the entrance to our community. A fire crew was on the scene and many cars pulled over to catch a glimpse… not to be dark, but to check on our family, friends and neighbours. It’s our community.

We are in eclipse season. I repeat, we are in eclipse season.

We are actually sandwiched between a total lunar eclipse of May 26th and a solar eclipse of June 10th.

The energy is intense.

Photo by Matheus Bertelli on

Take extra time. Often you’ll have to because Mercury is also retrograde!

That’s a good thing right now. We should thank Hermes for slowing us down.

I can see Mercury now, wrapped in his safety vest, directing traffic. Pay attention to him. Let him slow you down.

Be mindful.

I was tempted to rush home from the grocery store today because I had a delivery arriving shortly. As I sped up, everything in me said, “Slow down.”

Take your time. Meditate. Take 3 deep breaths. Watch out for your neighbours, friends and family.

Eclipses are powerful periods of energy. Think of them like Sky Gansha … removing an obstacle temporarily so that something that’s been stuck in your life can move forward.

Anytime there is energy that powerful, we need to slow down. Slow our bodies, our thoughts and our breath.

Send extra love and gratitude into the world during this time. Let’s collectively intend on the obstacle of suffering to be removed and joy and compassion to fill Earth.

Enjoy this energy sandwich. Doodle your dreams, dance your desires, harness your happiness. Hold humanity in your heart. Cheer the heavens and celestial bodies.

Slowly. Mindfully. Gratefully.

Happy eclipse season!

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