What is a mid-life crisis?

I am fascinated by something that appears to affect so many. What is a mid-life crisis?

A grey-haired man drives by in a red convertible sports car and the standard comment is “Mid-life crisis.”

From dis-ease to divorce to company reorganization… a lot can happen at mid-life. Kids move out, parents move on, interests change, addresses change, hair colours change.

There are physiological reasons of course… hormones decline and this can affect everything from skin texture to mood swings to ear hair!

But, I’m not a doctor. I’m not going to speak directly to hormone changes. I want to look at the bigger picture of this often-frustrating and confusing time. What if we knew what was playing out in our lives, when it would happen, and that we could influence the outcome?

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

What if there was some sort of lifeline to guide you out of this chaotic period?

Last year, I was in the middle of a course with Ophira and Tali Edut, The Astrotwins, and they were doing an astrology chart reading for my work. (Stop rolling your eyes, Astrology is fascinating!). It was a dive into my business and my writing, but one of these talented twins said something rather off the cuff: That I was in my Chiron Return.

They kept going with the business reading but all I could focus on after that was: What is my Chiron Return?

I’d heard of a Saturn Return, a period that hits around age 29. This is often when we find ourselves most successful or most challenged by our careers and finding our place in the world. I can attest to a pretty powerful Saturn Return. We learn our lessons.

But Chiron? This is a thing and how do more people not know about it?

When I dove down the Chiron Return rabbit hole, I didn’t find a ton of information, but what I did find became a lifeline for me, guiding me out of the turbulent waters of mid-life. Helping me to become both observer and participant in what can be one of the most transformative times of life.

This brings me here.

Jean Houston once said that if you can’t find the book you’re looking for, then write it.

Last year, once I discovered this Chiron Return key to mid-life, I started writing. I got most of the way through the manuscript when a sci-fi romance grabbed my ear and needed me to pen it. (Scorpios. Am I right?)

I’m now focused on publishing the Chiron Return book next month. The only thing that remains is to look at how Chiron shows up in each house and sign, and how that might affect you in your life during this time.

So, during the month of November, I will blog every day on one of the houses and then one of the signs. You can see what feels true for you when I reach the house or sign that Chiron falls in your birth chart.

If you’d like to know where Chiron falls in your birth chart and discuss ways to support this time of your life (or if you’re past this return, you can see where any unfinished business that you weren’t aware of at the time can be addressed now), I’m happy to be your sister on the mid-life path! While I’m completing the writing of this book, sessions are $99USD for an hour (regularly $155). Click here for my schedule and book your appointment.

Happy Chiron Return! I can say that now. I’m mostly through it. A year ago? Nope.

Book a session here.

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Much love,


If you’d prefer a one-page emailed report of the house and sign Chiron was in at your birth and what that means for your Chiron Return (personal mantra included), fill out the form at the bottom of the page and you’ll receive an invoice for payment and your report. $75

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