Too much

We are overly concerned with quantity.

How much we own. How much we get to say. How many friends. How much we earn. How much we create. How much we contribute. How much we are recognized.

Collecting teachings and practices, crystals and clothing, furnishings and Facebook friends.


But how is the quality?

The quality of our speech.

The quality of our thoughts

our relationships

the items which surround us.


How is the quality of our attention

and intention?

How is the quality of our work?

The quality of our presence

our practice

our listening

our patience?


If every time we spoke, we invested in the quality of each word, rather than quantity

how poetic, purposeful and precious our words would be.

How powerful and pointed our message

how spacious our thoughts

how eloquent the silence.


If we rested our attention on the words of others

the energy behind the words

the ask

the need

oh, how crystal clear would be the quality of our communication.


If we moved through Nature with silent awareness

joyful communion

deep appreciation

gently absorbed in the beauty of the natural world

how the feelings of separation would resolve.


If we took one whole day and soaked it in pure awareness of the quality that is our lives

what would we see?

What would we notice?

Are we living a life of quality?


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