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I used to take the kids to the Calgary Stampede when they were little. We would go to Sneak-a-Peek, the evening before the official opening. That was the only time I’d eat the mini donuts. Because the oil was fresh. 😉

I’ve been a health and wellness nut most of my life. That doesn’t mean I haven’t had my share of fast food. Okay, maybe a small child’s share of fast food. With LS, food is not 100% of the puzzle, but it appears to be a big piece for many.

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So, what to eat when you have lichen sclerosus?

I’ve seen a lot of fad foods over the years. There’s a diet for everything. And a lot of energy wasted on trying to figure out what to eat. How did food become so complicated?

I’m not here to tell you what to eat to help your LS. I can only share what seems to work for some. The better question to ask may be:

What foods to avoid with lichen sclerosus?

Landing on a nourishing diet for LS seems to involve a process of reducing inflammation, healing the gut, eating nutrient-dense foods (including healthy fats) and balancing your blood sugar.

I’ve covered the foods that many with LS reduce or avoid in previous posts on gluten, dairy, sugar, oxalates and histamines. Paying attention to these foods in your diet and how they affect you may be the key to managing your LS, along with some vulva-care strategies I’ll write about in upcoming posts.

Keep in mind that one diet does not fit all. It’s important to address your unique constitution, your body’s needs and stressors, along with imbalances in gut health. Sometimes, people discover they have sensitivities to certain foods and once eliminated, LS symptoms abate. Work with your doctor, naturopath or nutritionist to help identify any allergies/sensitivities and improve your gut health.

It’s all connected. Your body is this beautiful orchestra. The organs are the instruments and sometimes they get out of harmony. With some care and attention, we can guide them back towards balance.

I will say this again, it’s not about making food your enemy. It’s about finding what nourishes you at this time. Make one change at a time and keep a journal to record any differences you notice. What happens when you eliminate sugar or gluten? How do you feel when you gradually reduce high-oxalate foods like spinach or high-histamine items like alcohol?

Oh, and maybe say no to the midway mini donuts. Even if the oil is fresh.

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