Finding my Process

Over the course of a day or a week or a month or even a year—a lifetime?— we hear messages connecting dots. I like to gather up a few that appear to be the same colour or texture. These past few weeks have brought some new dots and returned some old ones. Themes of responsibility and freedom have bounced off one another.

I read Napoleon Hill over 20 years ago when I was in marketing. Think and Grow Rich. It was a compelling read at the time and informed a powerful period of my life. A time when I earned the most money, was in peak physical condition and living well. As well as can be expected. Life has its suffering.

To say these past few years have been challenging…well, my sense of humour remains intact, so we’ll call it a win.

Back to the dots.

Napoleon Hill popped up on my radar this past week: a mention of his process of calling in helpers or wisdom beings to solve his questions while he sleeps. I’d forgotten he’d mentioned that in his book. I spent years calling in the Dreamer to inform my life while I slept. I wrote about it in Waking up the West: Return to Dreamtime.

So, last night, before bed, I journalled a bit (relieving any frustrations of the week to keep them from floating around my dreams) and then called upon the wisdom beings to solve a few select problems while I got some Zs.

I woke this morning to an interesting train of thought. A qigong wisdom-holder (I believe it was Grandmaster Mantak Chia) recently gave a practice to assist with the effects of negative speech.

The practice is to be used when someone has spoken unwell of you or directed their anger, grief, frustration or resentment towards you and you feel the negative effects of the energy of those words. You visualize the person in front of you, inhale beautiful, healing qi (chi), and then exhale and blow the energy of those words back to the person for them to deal with.

This is done in a loving way. It’s important to note that, as it could be tempting to blow darts back at the person. Don’t do that.

Back to this morning.

As that practice re-entered my awareness, I remembered asking for solutions before bed. So, remaining tucked under the covers, I went person-by-person, present and past, inhaling loving qi and blowing their words, energy, or impact back to them.

I’ve found when you start a practice like this, you need only identify the first person of your focus and then the rest will start lining up as you go. A past co-worker showed up. The odd family member arrived. A high school teacher even appeared. I was happy to send those comments back. What do you mean my murder mystery manuscript “just didn’t work”?!

There were moments of gratitude sprinkled in when memories of loving words spoken also arose.

In fact, this growing sense of compassion hummed in the background. As I sent back comment after comment, an Everything Everywhere All at Once vibe infused a sense of oneness into the practice: we’ve all done this dance countless times before and we’ve all deeply loved one another at some time.

Any words that I’ve spoken to myself that have created harsh energy or lingering blockages, I blew to the sun, as the Grandmaster advised.

The lightening-up was palpable.

I then drew back any energy I have put upon another, reclaiming it.

We are all recycling one another’s energy. A lot of that takes the form of words.

When we take responsibility for our energy (especially our words), and send the energy of others back to them to be processed, then the second of my recent themes arrives as if out of thin air.


Much love,


2 thoughts on “Finding my Process

  1. Pure awesomeness! Stephanie, I love the way you make the most of creative imagination; an enriching endowment by far.

    As to dreams, one of my ancient guides once wrote ‘that remedies have been given to [him] through dreams.’ (Marcus Aurelius, Meditations)

    If work, play and sleep are to maintain a perfect ratio, then the gold would come about by allowing each part to work synergistically together.

    The golden ratio doesn’t just make things beautiful but keeps it holistic in nature; in other words, it enables one to remain within the good, the beautiful and the truth that brings no harm.


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