Third eye chakra: to know your own mind

Third eye chakra is our centre of knowing. This is where we shine a light on what’s hidden. And what’s often hidden here is negativity.

We have the states of a positive mind, a negative mind and a neutral mind. Staying only in the state of positive mind leads to a life of rose-coloured glasses and glossing over the truth. Life lived from a mainly negative state eats away at the spirit. A neutral mind is where we find equanimity. Receptivity. Clarity.


We must be aware of the negative mind. Not in order to develop a contentious relationship with it, but in order to know it, recognize it, hold it in the light of awareness and compassion (heart chakra lesson), and choose to direct our lives not from that state.

Shine the light of awareness on your negative mind. It is not the driver in this earthly vehicle called you.

It will, however, point you in the direction of your shadow.

And we try very hard to keep the shadow hidden.

But like nightmares, when brought into the light of day, our shadows are not so frightening.

Our shadow may be a past event that we refuse to face. It may be how we feel about others or ourselves. It may feel like an energy that grips us. It may appear as us gripping too tightly to people, possessions, experiences or life.

When we are aware of our shadows — the parts of us we shun or run from — we can stop running. We can face them in the light and accept them as simply energy. View them through the neutral mind. Through the eyes of compassion and wisdom.

In turn, the shadow will point you to the light.

And that light already glows within you.

~Excerpted from Householder Yogini: Practices & Journaling Exercises for Women who Live at the Intersection of Spirituality & Family

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