These boots are made for walking: memory lane decluttering item #1

I felt like a power woman in these boots. Great colour, perfect heel height, with enough of that granny boot style that reminded me of my own grandmother’s strength, wit and grace.

Arnold Churgins. They closed in 2017 after 53 years in business in Calgary. I adored their shoes.

I wore these mainly with jeans. At least 20 years ago they suited my life as a marketing rep who negotiated multi-million dollar seismic shoots in the oil and gas industry. I wanted for nothing back then. Well… not exactly nothing. Balance would have been nice. More friends, creativity, self-love and time in nature.

I have those things now. It wasn’t a decision I made. Life has simply had a plan for me. It wasn’t without its difficulties though. I try to be a more willing participant and less of a control freak, but old habits die hard.

So… I’m taking up a challenge that I gave myself yesterday. As I move into my new home tomorrow, many items have surfaced during packing: treasures that have long outworn their stay. I AM ready to release my clinging to them and set them (and me) free.

I will write the story of each item as they go, so I can share their meaning in my life. Then I will thank them and send them along. If you see something you like, let me know. It just may make its way to you. Or, feel free to join me and send some of your memories on their way with gratitude. It’s time to lighten up.

Farewell, perfect shade of brown leather boots in size 9 1/2. I no longer need you in order to feel strong and stylish (besides, my post-pregnancy feet never fit you). My oil and gas days are long over and my feet are happy now in flats. I don’t need you to help me stand tall.

Thank you for lifting me up and boosting me to succeed in my twenties.

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