Sometimes it takes a Hippopotamus to lighten the mood

So, after months of preparations to launch the companion course to the book, Householder Yogini, I sent off the email to my Mailchimp list.

I sent myself the test email (as one does in order to be professional and catch any errors). It looked great. Then I sent it to my entire email list.

Then I saw the email appear on my phone. With the from address: Hippopotamus.

Nowhere could I find how that mix up happened on my dashboard. I had a moment of mortification until my 13 year-old daughter started laughing about it. “Don’t change it! That’s hilarious,” she said.

And then I laughed. We are wrapping up our online course on Animal Messengers and suddenly I had a great big Hippo appear… for me and all my email subscribers. That is hilarious.

I’ve never encountered Hippopotamus medicine. When I Googled it, however, I learned that the word is Greek for “horse of the river’.

That makes a lot of sense. This big water animal appears right at the height of my perfectionism over the course launch to say, Hey… water energy… second chakra… laugh… play… cool off… create… communicate… and above all…

Stop taking life so seriously!

These are the kind of things we’ll discuss in our upcoming online course.

It’s more of a community than a course:

It’s a sisterhood!

Starting August 31st, for 8 weeks, we will support one another through weekly meditation, inspiration, and live Zoom calls.

And I have 2 incredible guest speakers joining us for 2 of our Zoom calls.

One will teach you about happy money and healing your money wounds, while the other will take you deep into the heart for healing.

I will be with you throughout the course, sharing practices and tools to help you thrive during this time.

We will follow the path of the chakras and Nature as we investigate the energies of this year through a new lens. Apparently, accompanied by Hippopotamus 😉

Join us for the Householder Yogini 8-week Sisterhood!

More information and registration here.

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