Practice kindness

“How can I serve?” It’s a question I often ask.

When the flood came to Calgary in 2013, I watched as the city bailed itself out. I watched from my perch in the hills, our home unaffected. I drove out to Bragg Creek with supplies to support my friends and yoga community there, but it soon became apparent many of us volunteers were in the way. Too many of us. It was more productive for me to stay home and ripple kindness out online and via phone to those affected by the event.

There are many ways to help others. Often it’s as simple as kindness: whether through a thoughtful word or even resisting the temptation to criticize or blame. I am grateful to once again be well with my family in our home at this time. Rather than go out and about, getting in the way, I can do what comes easy to me: I can continue to facilitate wellness.

We are once again offering our power hour this Sunday, free online. I continue to share the transformative practice of metta bhavana: lovingkindness. Because it is always possible to be kind.

Register to receive the link to the live Zoom call and the recording link for later viewing. Thank you to everyone who has joined us so far while we lift and strengthen ourselves and those around us. I’m honoured to be in community with you.

Be well. ❤

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