Pay attention to your dreams

Last night I dreamed that the Calgary Stampede, the Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth, was cancelled due to the virus.

While I felt sad for all of the workers who would lose their jobs, I also felt the relief of the animals that were scheduled to perform for the masses. It was like a collective sigh and a softening.

Photo by Jennifer Murray on

While I have no idea whether the Stampede will proceed, I woke feeling as if nature is getting a much needed rest. Everything is so fast and demanding here on planet Earth. There was a sweetness to the feeling of the event not proceeding. This space of ease. Like the practice of metta bhavana, lovingkindness: letting everything off the hook. Slower. Simpler. Sweeter.

While I work on book 3 in the Awakening series, a book on the messages of dreams and visions, I encourage you to pay attention to your dreams at this most interesting time. Not just the details of your dreams but the feelings they evoke for you.

What is Earth whispering to you while you sleep?

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