4 Tips to Navigate Motherhood

I now know how she did it.

My mom.

I now know how she managed to raise us kids and create a life for herself while also supporting her marriage.

She didn’t do it all at once.

Or all the time.

I know this because I’ve now walked a mile in her shoes. Well, the shoes of motherhood.

And some days, I juggle it all well.

Some days, I don’t have to juggle it at all.

But many days, I drop something on the floor: my marriage, myself, my kids, my friends, my spiritual practices, or my work.

And when one of these things gets dropped, I am reminded of a childhood scene, and suddenly catch a glimpse of understanding of how Mom felt in that particular moment. And I realize that this journey of motherhood is a well-worn path.

She did it with grace and gratitude.

With fire and rain.

It’s not a mixed metaphor. Motherhood isn’t a winding path or a juggling act.

It’s juggling WHILE walking that twisty path!

And what I’ve come to learn as most important are these 4 things:

  • Have compassion for yourself: you’re doing the best you can
  • Have compassion for your family members: they’re also finding their way
  • Find a practice that fills you up: a sport, nature, meditation, yoga, qigong, volunteering, art, singing, spiritual practice…
  • Support others and let them support you: whether it’s your women’s circle, your walking group, or your one dear friend

During the year that An Accidental Awakening took place, I discovered many things, but the 4 above have been touchstones for me. That year, I plumbed the depths of motherhood, marriage and me.

And I received answers.

But as the saying goes:

Before enlightenment, chop wood, carry water. After enlightenment, chop wood, carry water.

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