1 way to improve your meditation

Years ago, I completed my level 4 Spring Forest Qigong certification. I had fallen in love with this beautiful practice by Master Chunyi Lin.

Each year, around Chinese new year, Master Lin gives the energy forecast for the year. He talks about which parts of the world will have a strong economy and which parts are best to avoid travel over the coming year.

Then he applies this energy map to your home and personal life so you can effect the appropriate cures for the year.

“No meditating in the SW corner, especially the woman of the house,” he advised.

Darn. There goes my upper and lower deck.

“No meditating in the SE corner of the house.”

Um, that’s my front step, where I’ve meditated daily for nearly 10 years!

But I agreed to yield to the energy of the year and I chose my living room, where the most favourable energy resides this year, for my morning meditation.

At first, it was just me and my quiet practice. Soon, the sun was rising earlier and so was my son. Followed by my husband, but rarely my daughter.

The pantry opened.

And closed.

And opened.

And closed.

Cereal bags ripped open.

Crunchy oatmeal clusters pinged off ceramic bowls.

Senses heightened.

Agitation arose.

I continued my practice, watching the mind as it chewed on my son chewing his cereal.

The downstairs shower turned on.

Toothbrush tapped against porcelain sink.

Thoughts occasionally drifted to sweet memories of front step bliss.

The wisdom, however, of meditating in what turned out to be the Grand Central Station of my home, is watching my mind engage and my body react, and allowing it all to transpire with awareness.

Some mornings, it feels like a bizarre comedy, but I continue my practice just the same – watching the show behind closed eyes.

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