You’ve got this!

My 15 year-old headed out the door yesterday, on his way to the AMA to write his learner’s test.

“Good luck!” I yelled after him.

He turned around. “I don’t need it, Mom,” he replied. “I make my own luck.”

Years and years ago, I had a particularly difficult boss. It was one of those situations where the guy drove me nuts to be around, yet he always had a nugget or two of wisdom to share. He was my first introduction to the phrase:

Luck is when preparedness meets opportunity.

My son had certainly made his own luck. He had studied every night for the past week and was confident when his opportunity arose to take the test.

“Alright then.” I changed my response and smiled, “You’ve got this!”

What is your dream? Do you prepare for it every day? Do you take a step toward it, no matter how small a step? Do you show up when the opportunity arises?

Then you’ve got this!

Make your own luck. I believe in you, my friend.

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