Inspiration Required

I’m 25 days into a 40-day practice chanting Ra Ma Da Sa Sa Say So Hung.

I usually chant on my front step during my morning meditation. This morning, I decided to chant in the tub during a nice bath.

I chant aloud on my step, but not loud. I don’t want to scare the neighbourhood kids heading to school πŸ˜‰

In my tub, however, I chanted loud and allowed the sound to vibrate the water.

I couldn’t chant in one breath as I do on the step.

I needed to adjust my breathing. More sound requires more air.

A connection pinged in my brain. My day yesterday was full of activity. Marvellous, productive activity. I was positively buoyant.

Until I crashed around 4pm.

I found myself wandering through the store, picking up the last piece of my daughter’s Halloween costume and wishing I hadn’t skipped my 2:30pm breathing meditation (a restorative routine I enjoy before my kids get home from school).

When we have a busy day β€” even when it’s a joyful one β€” we need more air.

Just like chanting; we need more breath.

We need more inspiration.

Remember today to manage your breath. Take time for regular periods of inspiration.


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