It’s in my Nature

I have a substantial manuscript review on my plate.

Next to the nutrition coaching session.

Two recently-published children’s books take up the other side of the plate, alongside the next in the Anna series — getting prepped for publishing.

I am looking for affiliates for the chakra school and writing course material to facilitate a group self-publishing coaching program.

In the middle of my plate is dropping off and picking up my kids from school and violin lessons, filling out forms for city debates and field trips, making healthy meals, administering herbal teas for sniffly noses, helping with math homework and reading the occasional bedtime story.

Oh, and then there’s the spiritual book club I started… because I didn’t have enough on my plate.

But I like a full plate. I like to help people. I love my work and my family. I enjoy feeling purposeful.

It’s a variety of food.

And sometimes I lose a little sleep over just how much is on that plate.

But then I get on my bike.

Like yesterday, when the weather improved and the fall we all know and love finally arrived.

I zoom along the path, through the trees, inhaling the earthiness of fallen leaves.

The ground, littered orange and yellow over the green grassy remains of summer.

I chatter to the squirrels and talk to the magpies.

My smile is wide.

Because in Nature I am me.

She makes no demands of me.

My mind is open and clear, like the view west to the Rocky Mountains.

Snow covers their backs.

But mine is warmed by the sun as I greet both passersby and their dogs.

This is my time.

Where I refresh.

Where I renew.

Where I refill my stores of energy to meet the fulness of my plate.

This is my Nature.

I send her my love.

As she gives much to me.

Perhaps chakra school is my tribute to her.

Guiding the students back to Nature. Back to themselves.

Because in Nature, we are free.

Free to be.

Exactly who we are.


If you are interested in joining chakra school, you are most welcome to take a course.

If you would like to be an affiliate (and take a little off my plate), contact me and I would be happy to discuss it with you.

Take time today in Nature. Go smell the leaves.


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