Looking for Halloween books for kids?

Look no further!

I’ve just released my children’s Halloween book worldwide on Amazon in ebook and paperback.

Years ago, late to pick my daughter up from kindergarten, I ran to the school with no time to wash up after blending essential oils. She raced across the field to give me a hug and pressed her face into my shirt.

She said, “Mom, you smell so good!”

I replied, “You must be a witch of some sort to like mugwort.”

And the muse was off and running.

I created handmade stamp illustrations (thanks to my art teacher’s encouragement) and everything came together in this sweet children’s book, released in time for Halloween.

This book makes a great Halloween gift for kids and grandkids, or donate a copy to your local elementary school or library.

If you enjoy the book, thank you for leaving a rating or review on Amazon!

Stephanie Hrehirchuk is a multi-award winning author of books for adults and children. You Must be a Witch is her 23rd published book.

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