Welcome, Sister

To those who are on the verge of awakening, teetering on the edge of reunion with oneness: a letter of what’s to come for you.

It might arrive as a lightning strike or it might sift through your dreams while you sleep. When it comes, you will wonder how you never knew it. But then you will remember that you’ve known it all along.

You will re-member your connection to all of life. A tremendous elation will arise. A great swelling of bliss will fill you. And then the other shoe will drop.

While you recover your relationship with Earth, you will also understand all of the suffering inflicted upon her. It will come as a crushing weight, as if you suddenly realize that your dearest love has been in pain for years and you’ve not noticed. Your heart will ache simultaneously with newfound love and newfound pain.

Once you lay waste to guilt and blame, you will grieve her. Hard. Do so. With every ounce of awareness, grieve her. Then make amends. Offer her your tears. Let them fall onto her soil, soak into her flesh. Apologize.

Dearest Mother,
I am sorry. 
Please forgive me.
I love you.
And I thank you.

Then you’ll get to work.

You’ll do the holy work, the sacred work. You’ll leave blessings in nature by way of writing poems in the snow and love letters in the sand. You’ll chant the Heart Sutra to the forest and sing lullabies to the ocean. You’ll hold a rock in both hands and squeeze every drop of gratitude you have into it before tucking it back into Earth’s lap.

Then you’ll do the practical work. You will live a simpler life. You will take what you need and use what you take. You will shrink your footprint. You will create beauty and celebrate nature. You will show others the way.

One step further… you will give back to the earth. You will plant both seeds of love and seeds of plants. You will reforest the earth and rewild her spaces. You will protect her animals. And you will be a great steward of her.

You will care for her as she has cared for you all along.

And you will notice how many of us are here with you doing this work.

Welcome, sister.

Our Sunday free online spiritual power hour continues. Join us this Sunday.

*image from Canva

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