Make the call

“We are very small, you and I,” Fernando said. “If someone like the Dalai Lama walked through these paths, everyone would come. They would be drawn to this place. We hear the call. The earth needs healing and you and I hear the call. We offer our help. We offer what we can and in that offering others more powerful than us come to help. Some powerful people can change the weather; can bring rain, can evoke great change, but there must first be a call.”

Awakening on Purpose: Trusting the call

That chapter, The Call, is one of my favourites in the book. It took place in 2010. And Nature gifted me a new understanding of the call just weeks ago.

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I sat on my front step in morning meditation as usual, when a northern flicker started drilling on a roof vent on a nearby house. The sound echoed through the neighbourhood. He must be calling for a mate, I considered. Calling for someone.

That same week, I took a late night walk near the coulee. Hooting drew me up the path toward the giant electrical pole. Perfectly perched on the top of the pole was an owl. Calling.

Then came a response. The sound emerged from the trees. Then, the second owl flew to another electrical pole. The two called back and forth, their haunting sound pulled primordial energy from deep within me.

In the book, I wrote about hearing the call. As Fernando says, “…there must first be a call.”

Yet in this time of need, this period of doubt, fear, suffering, hope and possibility, Nature tells me that sometimes we need to make that call.

In the Vedic tradition, we may call on Lakshmi for abundance, Ganesha to remove obstacles, or Saraswati for wisdom.

In the Tibetan Buddhist tradition, we may call on Tara: particularly the 20th Tara, the Tara who gives protection against diseases and epidemics. You can join Dorje Lopon Chandra Easton from Tara Mandala as she walks you through this sacred practice.

Wether you need to make a call to a person or an agency for food, financial support, medical assistance or emotional support, or you need to call on these wisdom beings to transform fear, suffering and anxiety into compassion, healing and ease, decide what it is you need and make the call.

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