2 ways to boost your vibrations

“Let your love send off so much positive energy that it shifts the vibrations in the room.”


I declare today “Good Vibrations Day”!

My family is all at home today. It’s snowing and minus 21 degrees. My son tapped into the news when he woke. I headed for my meditation cushion. When we met in the kitchen, we had very different mindsets. He was spouting the latest cases of virus in our city while I was preparing my morning ritual of hot water.

I told him to get off his phone and go watch his favourite movie, Isle of Dogs.

For today, I will practice good vibrations in our home.

There will be art. There will be music. There will be tea, gluten-free chocolate chip cookies, and blueberry-banana smoothies. We shall shift the vibrations in the room.

In my meditation this morning, I envisioned us collectively shifting the vibration in the ‘room’. If you’re inspired to join me, here are a couple energy-shifting exercises for you:

1. This is an old video. I’m pretty sure I recorded it near the dawn of Youtube. No laughing. Nah… laugh all you want. It’s good for the soul. This sequence is a favourite of my retreat participants over the years. If you need to move your body, this is for you.

2. Root chakra journaling practices and exercises. You can find this in book form, or in a free online course that includes guided meditations.

As we shift the vibrations in the room, breathe deeply into your heart and pour loving energy forth to all who are suffering at this time. Envision a world filled with vitality, laughter, joy, peace and ease.

May you feel good vibrations today and every day.

And may all beings benefit.

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