My detox supplement of choice: not for the faint of heart

As we begin our group spring detox this year (based on my book, Nourish: Ayurveda-inspired 21-day Detox), I picked up the one supplement that boosts my program, naturally.

Nourish is not just about food. Nourish is about creating a daily self-care ritual based on what I’ve found to be some of the most beneficial practices from Ayurveda.

The recipes we share in our private Facebook group are more about whole foods, seasonal eating, and vibrant nutrition.

However, Ayurveda does have a substantial herbal component. This 5,000 year-old science of life and sister science of yoga, has given us some powerful food as medicine. One such potent plant combo is called:


Triphala means 3 fruits, and this synergy is effective … and bitter! (Perhaps only to our Western palates). Triphala is considered tri-doshic (meaning it addresses all 3 of the doshas: vata, pitta and kapha).

The 3 jewels in Triphala are:

Amalaki (Amla or Indian gooseberry)

High in vitamin C and amino acids, these berries have a sour and sharp taste.


This brown berry has been researched for its anti-inflammatory benefits.


This bitter beauty is also high in vitamin C and has shown promise for treating knee pain and preventing cavities.

Together, they make a potent digestive tonic. The recommended dose is 1 tsp of powder in a small glass of warm water before bed. I take 1/2 tsp. It’s seriously bitter! I’m working up to the full tsp.

What I personally notice the most from taking triphala is digestive health. The morning movement is easier as triphala helps the body eliminate waste.

There’s still time to join the spring group detox. We are in prep week this week and begin the 21 days on Sunday. Pick up your copy of Nourish and join us in the private Facebook group listed in the first few pages of the book, for recipes, motivation and inspiration.

Or pick up some Triphala and see how the 3 Fruits work for you.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you đŸ˜‰

And please know that I’m not a doctor nor do I play one on TV. Always check with your personal physician or health care provider to ensure supplements are a good fit for you. And choose the best quality.

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