Celestial spat

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”

Nikola Tesla

We live in a 3D world and spend most of our time paying attention to and interacting with ‘gross’ energy: what we can see and touch.

Occasionally, we encounter subtle energy. We usually call it magic or mystery or some other fanciful word. But subtle energy is powerful and is always at play, just below the surface… and above it. When it becomes focused, it takes form.

I don’t usually write an energy forecast. This morning’s events, however, have my attention and I feel I need to at least mention what’s at play today.

My son was the first to leave for school this morning. While my daughter and I got ready to go, he texted us a video he took of a vehicle on fire outside my daughter’s school. Firemen were already on the scene, however, one of the main roads to the school was closed. A lot of traffic, both car and foot, were about to converge on that road. I appreciated the head’s up and took a different route, landing my daughter at school on time while line-ups of cars tried to navigate the school road.

When I returned home, an EMS vehicle was parked across the street. Don’t worry… I received no bad news. They weren’t there to see me. But that vehicle has never parked on our street, and I tend to take notice of such signs as subtle energy manifest in form.

And for #3.. because I believe in the power of 3s: I made my morning elixir and took a quick peek at social media before beginning my work day. One of my Facebook friends, I didn’t know her well but she was active in our women’s community, died suddenly at 2am this morning.

I pulled up my favourite astrologer’s weekly forecast posted on CBC Life and checked his take on the energy of the week. Phil Booth had a few words on the subject:

“Tuesday delivers a clash between Venus and Saturn.”

While Phil goes on to comment that we will most likely feel that clash in our relationship or financial sectors, the subtle energies are signalling that it could be a bit more disruptive, at least in my neighbourhood.

The great teacher and the great lover are about to have words with one another.

So, I put on some music to soothe the spat of these two formidable cosmic forces. My preferred version of Om Mani Padme Hum will be running through my home today.

I will also slow my pace today and tomorrow, drawing more awareness as I move from place to place. More awareness when I drive, boil the kettle for tea, or head out for my walk. When the subtle forces are at play, enhanced awareness is the answer. Move through your day with intention and flexibility.

Bring a smile to your face and manage your energy, frequency and vibration… while the universe reveals its secrets to you in both subtle and gross ways.

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