The Gift of Resistance

I love my bike.

Especially since my spinal issues said no running (which I never really cared for anyway).

My bike has been my freedom. 

And when the snow fell, I headed back indoors for spin class.

Great music, great company and a great celebration of my body, which continues to carry me through this life despite a couple twists and turns in my spine.

I actually trained as a cycle instructor years ago and even though I never taught, I still remember all the rules of the ‘road’.

When the instructor of tonight’s class gave the standard, “Too much bouncing around means you need to add more resistance,” I couldn’t help but think that’s also true with life.

If life has you bobbing and bouncing around all over the place, you need to ground. And nothing grounds us quicker than instant resistance.

It might appear in the form of added responsibility or work. It might come as a physical challenge or emotional weight. It may be a relationship or a difficult decision.

It will anchor you.

I spent the summer inspired by the energy that fuelled the creation of not one, but two online schools. I invested a lot of time in developing the courses. At some point, I wanted to be done with the process of getting the schools up and running. I wanted to return to lengthy meditation sessions and getting back on my yoga mat. I bounced around between completing the work needed for the schools to be ready and just letting it go and enjoying where the wind takes me each day.

But last night I decided to dig in. I decided to work through the resistance because once I finish climbing this hill, it’s recovery time on the other side.

The work is grounding and challenging, and even though I often need to breath through it… rewarding.

You can let life bounce you around. Or you can dig in where you are and allow the resistance to ground you.

Work through it and enjoy the ride.

What’s your resistance?

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