Chakra support for the holidays

4 main chakras spring to mind as I watch the holiday energy unfold.

Holidays can be complicated.

“Think you’re enlightened? Spend a week with your family.” ~Ram Dass

Family can feel comforting

and confusing.


and frantic.


and hopeless.


and infuriating.

Enter the chakras:

Root chakra is necessary for grounding. Whether it’s the frenzy of holiday shopping and cooking or entertaining and events, you need practices that tether you back to earth.

Take a daily walk in nature. Or rest your body in pigeon pose. 3 deep breaths is always the answer. Watch your sugar and alcohol intake. Keep proteins, healthy fats and root vegetables on your plate. Get proper sleep.

Sacral chakra wants you to play. This is your centre of creativity, inner child and inner goddess. Let them out to play. Carve space for holiday games. You may be the adult now but don’t become consumed by the responsibilities and obligations of the season.

Decorate gingerbread with the kids (or by yourself). Go skating and sledding. “Do you want to build a snowman?” Why yes, I do! Turn up the holiday music. Sing Christmas carols. Dance, laugh and play.

Solar plexus chakra helps you set boundaries. Family, as in familiar… sometimes a little too familiar. Don’t martyr yourself this season. Family can be demanding. Stay centred by identifying healthy boundaries.

Ask for help when you need it. Delegate. Doing all the cooking and the dishes? This year, make it potluck Christmas. Ask everyone to contribute to the feast. The kids can clean the house before they get computer time. Give your significant other your shopping list to pick up on their way home from work.

Heart chakra cracks open. Holidays can bring up sensitive feelings. Family frustration often peaks. Grief can arise as we are reminded of those who no longer celebrate the holidays with us and how much we miss them. We may find ourselves feeling alone — whether truly alone or alone within our family.

Your key is forgiveness. And love. For others and yourself. Be gentle. Be kind. And if you find yourself very alone, be of service. Go where you are needed and help others. Be grateful. For you are here, in this precious life on earth. Go to an animal shelter and walk the dogs or cuddle a cat. Handwrite Christmas cards with notes of gratitude and give them to people in your life: family, friends, the garbage man…

I could go on… but this will give you a strong start to the holidays. For more guidance during this season (and year-round), find specific practices and exercises in the online chakra courses.

From my heart to yours, have a very Merry Christmas and may blessing from this season fill your home in the year to come.


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