The Weight of the Working Woman

I met a client the other night for a coaching session. You could say she is re-careering.

She spoke about the struggle she faced the past 4 years in her recent position.

How, as a business leader, she felt criticized.


Under attack.


And she talked about the weight she gained over those 4 years.

Having just launched the Chakra School, my mind immediately connected the dots between her recent work and her root chakra.

Root chakra is about fear. It’s about feeling safe and supported.

And when we don’t feel safe or supported, we build armour between us and our perceived attackers.

And guess what shape this armour often takes?


We build a fortified food wall between us and others.

We also put up emotional walls, but most noticeable is our physical fortress.

And it’s not just fat.

We do this with muscle.

I spent my twenties in the gym, protecting myself with a lovely armour of muscle.


Back to my client.

She said that since moving out of her old job, she has managed to shed some of that weight.

And the change alone will do it… from a contentious environment to a supported one.

But after 4 years, change alone may not be enough. The body and mind have created a loop during that time and they may need a rewiring of that loop.

A daily practice, affirmation, walk in nature, meditation…

Try this:

Place both feet on the floor. Sit up straight. Relax your shoulders and jaw.

Inhale deeply and let it out with an audible sigh….. ahhhhhhhhhhh.

Again. Breathe deeply and let it go.

One more time.

Place your left hand on your belly and inhale, feeling the belly expand, like a balloon filling with air.

Exhale through the nose and feel the belly draw in as this balloon deflates.

Again, inhale, the belly expands, exhale, it draws in.

Slow, steady breath.

Now close your eyes and continue for 3 breaths or more if you like. When done, open your eyes and notice how you feel.


A regular practice in root chakra will help to clear out the old pattern.

And rather than fortify the castle,

it will seed around it, a beautiful garden.


To celebrate the launch of Chakra School, please accept my gift of 50% off your first course. Fall intake starts today and ends September 17th, so enrol before the 17th to secure your space!


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