The Squirrelly Nature of Mind

I sat on my front step this morning, preparing for meditation, when I heard a loud noise on the neighbour’s fence.

I looked over to see a black squirrel chasing a grey one. The grey one scratched down the fence as the black one stood on top.

What surprised me was the hare.

Sitting at the bottom of the fence, grazing, sat a hare.

The same hare who runs when kids cycle near or neighbours walk be. The same hare who darts from the dog-walkers and passing cars.

This hare sat there. Mere feet away from the furry antics.

She looked over her shoulder at the scrambling squirrels and went back to munching on dandelion stems.

And I thought, that is the nature of squirrels.

They chase and scurry, scramble and chatter. Much like the mind. Around and around.

But we can be like the hare. We can know the nature of mind, much like the nature of squirrels.

We can notice it, with no need to dart or run because of it.

And we can go about enjoying our day.


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