Lemon-berry longevity tonic

A fresh berry beverage is delightful enough… when you add herbal infusions, it becomes positively divine.

This simple smoothie is a daily tonic for the body and soul.

Lemon balm was traditionally considered a longevity herb, the tea was sipped or added to the bath, the leaves added to salads and mulled in wines. Lemon balm, or Melissa Officianalis, has tiny hairs on the leaves that, when rubbed, give off its essential oil scent of bright, herbaceous lemon. The essential oil is uplifting and used to comfort grief and heavy heart.

This is a happy plant that bees love and gardens generously accept. You can steep 1-2tsp fresh or dried leaves per cup of water for hot tea or infuse in the sun for sun tea. Add honey and chill for a delicious iced tea.

Blueberries bring a myriad of health benefits. These nutrient-dense blue beauties are free-radical fighting fruit goddesses. One of the few fruits native to North America, blueberries are a must for daily nourishment.

I enjoy this fruity tonic ritual, as do my children. Bright, fresh, nourishing.

To long life!

Place 1-2 cups of fresh or frozen blueberries (for 1 or 2 servings) into your blender

Pour your lemon balm infusion to cover the tops of the berries


If I’m using frozen berries, I leave them out to thaw for awhile before making the smoothie OR add hot infusion to the frozen berries to take off the cold edge.

For a more filling snack, add a banana for a smoothie.

Drink immediately unless you’re fond of jam. Blended blueberries begin to congeal when left to sit.

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