Lichen sclerosus and oxalates

There are many reports of those with LS finding relief by following a low oxalate diet. Is it that simple?

Contemplations on lichen sclerosus

I interrupt this 30-day blog series... to offer contemplations on LS and well-being.

Lichen sclerosus and bowel problems

Well, this is a shitty topic.

Lichen sclerosus and sugar-free

Reducing sugar is another promising step along your LS journey to health.

Lichen sclerosus and dairy-free

Every person is unique. We each have a distinct gut environment and varying stressors. What's important is to figure out what works for you.

Lichen sclerosus and gluten-free

There are a number of triggers for autoimmunity... a simple overview of these triggers are:

Lichen sclerosus and pelvic floor therapy

This conversation made me feel as though there was more than just hope for recovery; there was an actual course of treatment.

What is the treatment for lichen sclerosus?

Upcoming posts will cover everything from foods to herbal oils to qigong.