The Yoga of Motherhood

At this Scorpio full supermoon, we have the opportunity to reach back and resurrect the pieces of our lives and selves that are of benefit now but may have been left for dead.

Whether it’s the courage or vitality of your youth, the healing practices or art you abandoned years ago, or forgotten wisdom beings, call forward what it is that you, humanity and the earth need at this time.

image from Canva

I have just re-released the book, Householder Yogini: Practices & Journaling Exercises for Women who Live at the Intersection of Spirituality & Family.

This book takes you through the physical and emotional aspects of each of the 7 main energy centres in the body and how they appear in your daily life. It provides journaling exercises to identify your weak areas, and practices to shore them up. It feels needed now more than ever as we dive deep into our capacities to heal, evolve and transform at this pivotal time.

Journaling helps us to move energy and begin to understand what’s just below the surface of our reactions, interactions and perceptions. This Scorpio supermoon gives us an opportunity to choose what we want to discard from our lives and what we wish to resurrect.

Practice from Householder Yogini:

Sit with a flower. It may be in a vase on your table or a humble dandelion or clover in your yard. No need to pick it. Just sit with it.

Gaze at it. Smell its sweet scent. See the Divine in the flower. Know the entire universe exists in this one flower. And that same universe exists within you.

You and the flower are connected. Feel its presence. Its aliveness. Its energy. Feel its be-ing.

Matter can neither be created nor destroyed. Science knows this.

But it can transform.

When the flower dies, it will not be destroyed. It cannot be. Its energy simply transforms. One moment it is there. The next moment it is still there but not in its same form.

It is likewise with death. When we die, it is not that we will cease to exist. We will simply cease to exist in our current form.

Like the flower, our energy will transform.

Feel your energy and the energy of the flower.

Same source.

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