Deepak Chopra, Fernando Davalos and Martha Beck: finding your purpose

In meditation on my front step the other morning, I came to the intersection between Deepak Chopra, Fernando Davalos and Martha Beck.

Deepak has written about synchronicity: that once you find yourself in the flow of life, living on purpose, synchronicities abound.

I wrote a whole chapter on Fernando Davalos in my book, Awakening on Purpose: Trusting the call. Fernando said that first there must be a call.

And Martha, wonderful, witty and wise Martha once wrote about the red hot rhino tracks of following your purpose. If you haven’t seen a track in a while, you need to go back to the last one (serendipitous event) and see if maybe you took a wrong turn and lost the trail.

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So, there I sat on my front step contemplating synchronicity, the call, and red hot rhino tracks.

I jotted down each title in my journal, determined to investigate when I last experienced each. Of course as physical beings with goals and desires, I was looking for signs that my career was on the right track.

As I allowed my inquiry to unfold, I was surprised by that evening’s revelation.

I picked up the book on my bedside table as I’ve done for over 3 months, to read the passage I have read every night before bed.

I had begun reading The Spiritual Medicine of Tibet: Heal your Spirit, Heal Yourself by Pema Dorjee in December and finished it in January. I enjoyed the book and committed to recite the Medicine Buddha’s mantra, provided within its pages, 7 times each night.

It suddenly occurred to me that when I committed to the mantra recitation, I had no way of knowing what was brewing on the world stage and how much the Medicine Buddha would be needed at this time.

It wasn’t a major publishing deal or a red arrow pointing at which book to write next. It wasn’t even a nudge to declutter or meditate more.

My synchronicity, my call, my red hot rhino track was one that was needed not only for me, but for this time. For us all.

What more subtle synchronicities are surfacing in your life at this time?

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