Morning Ritual: connecting mind and body

“Write it on your heart that every day is the best day in the year.”

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Practices come and go over the years but some stick around. One such practice I enjoy each morning is a blend of Spring Forest Qigong and Ayurveda.

As soon as you wake (and decide it’s time to get up for the day), rub both your hands together to generate energy and heat. Then cup your hands over your eyes. With a smile on your face, allow your eyes to be refreshed with this energy. Then move your hands around your face: up the forehead, down the sides to the chin and back up the nose to the forehead. Repeat several times, washing your face with energy.

Then rub your arms, sides of your torso, and belly. You can even rub your hips and legs if you choose – maybe your low back, with special attention to the kidneys. Send them love. Pause to feel your body wake up. Take a deep cleansing breath and then get up from your bed. Notice each foot touching the floor for the first time today. A moment of mindfulness.

Then off you go about your day.

I wonder if you can keep that smile in place.

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