5 things I learned from the year of Earth Pig.

I have been waiting all year to say goodbye to the year of Earth Pig. At the start of each Chinese New Year, I listen in to the energy forecast of the coming year from one of my teachers, Master Chunyi Lin.

I use his forecast to feng shui my home according to the incoming benevolent or unfortunate energies. After he addresses energy sectors of the home, he then looks at the energy sectors of the planet.

2019 was the year of Earth Pig. Being a pig myself, I was excited to enjoy a year in my sign. As it turns out, being a pig in a pig year is not necessarily beneficial. Especially when the energy forecast put North America in a troublesome sector of the planet.

I recited the mantras given by Master Lin to counteract the difficult energies. I placed crystals where they needed to be, removed metals where they shouldn’t be and avoided meditating in the challenging spaces (which were all my regular meditation zones). Still, 2019 was filled with many challenges, including health issues for myself and my daughter (both pigs!)

With challenges, however, come gifts.

These are the 5 gifts I received from 2019’s unfortunate energies:

1. Patience

I had to get comfortable with the uncomfortable. That meant answers might not be found when I needed them. People may melt down when I needed them not to. The energies effected everyone differently and I had to develop a level of patience I had yet to experience.

2. Boundaries

Something strange happened toward the end of 2019. I began to more clearly delineate my boundaries. It wasn’t an act of defiance or retribution. No passive-agressiveness on my part. I simply had limited energy and clear goals. I needed the energy for the goals and wasn’t about to leak any of it to anyone or anything. I also developed new appreciation for the boundaries of others. Live and let live.

3. Quality time with kids

Along with the patience and new-found boundaries, I experienced deeper connections with my children. My daughter’s health issues took time and energy (the entire year plus some), which at first frustrated and worried me, then softened me. We spent more time caring for one another. Likewise, I loosened the reigns considerably with my teenage son near the end of 2019. I gave him ample room (including too much electronic time). The result: he began to seek me out and share his interests with me.

4. Leaning on my friends

I’ve always been the teacher. The workshop facilitator, the circle-leader, the tea host. As I leaned into some health issues, I learned to lean on my friends. I let go of holding circles and teaching. They sought me out for tea and walks. We talked freely and supported one another as good friends do.

5. As always: Nature

Again and again I went to nature. In the minus 30 degree celsius snap and in the heat of the summer in mid-hot flash, I went to Nature. Being indoors proved challenging but my energy was too limited to plan big outings. Daily walks or sitting on the deck (in the tiny areas left that weren’t designated troublesome sectors), kept me awake, aware and in awe of this one precious life, no matter the challenges.

So, year of the Brown Earth Pig, I bid you farewell.

Welcome, year of the White Metal Rat!

May all beings benefit.

Stephanie Dawn Hrehiechuk

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